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New Jersey Golf Lessons for Out of Towners

Do you like what you see and and don't live nearby?  Is someone going to be visiting you in New Jersey and you would like to introduce them to Brian?  How about an immersion program for the out-of-towner visiting the area?

Here's how it works.  You purchase a four hour package for $350.  You can use the time any way you like for up to 10 days.  Four hours in one day, a half an hour for any eight days or whatever configuration meets your schedule.

During the four hours I will introduce you to my teaching methods and how it applies to all phases of the game.  From a two foot putt to your longest drive the pricinple involved is the same; Swing the golf club.  You will have a new appreciation for your own ability to manage your golf game.

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Offer available only to new students.
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